Senior appointments – one of the most important decisions to get right

Claire MacLeod Associates Ltd builds strong, lasting partnerships with its clients. By understanding an institution’s unique strategic challenges and opportunities, clients can be confident that CMA consultants will present them with impressive shortlists, thus enabling them to make inspiring appointments, which fit perfectly into their organisational culture.

They identify and attract successful candidates who fit the explicit criteria relating to a particular post. But their candidates also bring essential qualities like diplomacy; inspirational and motivational leadership; commercial awareness; influencing and relationship building skills; and strength in leading and developing strategic vision.

CMA are familiar with the rapidly-shifting issues of the moment – equality and diversity; TEF; the White Paper (May 2016); ‘alternative providers’; student recruitment; NSS; REF; impact; international recruitment and expansion; enterprise and corporate partnership; global rankings; union relations; national league tables; funding – and the pressures they place on the leadership of an institution.

Give yourself the very best chance of getting your senior appointment decision right first time.  CMA has never failed to secure an appointment, first time, on any assignment they have undertaken.

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